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With this set you can maintain your starter and proof bread like the pros! When fully dusted, the rattan baskets your dough will easily stay in shape as well as slip out smoothly onto the baking surface. Not only will the rattan basket hold the shape of the loaf, but it also wick moisture away from the surface of the dough, which makes scoring more effective and makes for crispier crust. This set includes a sourdough starter jar kit absolutely everything you need to maintain your sourdough starter.


The proofing set comes with:

  • 9 inch round rattan proofing basket
  • 10 inch oval rattan proofing basket
  • Danish whisk
  • Dough Scraper
  • 2 Cloth basket covers
  • Round scoring lame with 5 extra blades
  • Starter jar kit (Tall 2 pint wide mouth jar, feeding level band, ambient thermometer, cloth cover, and silicone spatula)

Sourdough Bread Proofing Set

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