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The Sourdough Baking Bundle includes:

  • Bread Proofing Kit
  • Sourdough Starter Jar Kit
  • Dehyrated Sourdough Starter 
  • BSM Butler's Gold '00' Flour - (2.5 lb)


Bread Proofing Kit - With this set you can proof like the pros! When fully dusted, the rattan baskets your dough will easily stay in shape as well as slip out smoothly onto the baking surface. Not only will the rattan basket hold the shape of the loaf, but it also wick moisture away from the surface of the dough, which makes scoring more effective and makes for crispier crust.


The proofing set comes with:

  • 9 inch round rattan proofing basket
  • 10 inch oval rattan proofing basket
  • Danish whisk
  • Dough Scraper
  • 2 Cloth basket covers
  • Scoring lame with 5 extra blades



Sourdough Starter Jar Kit - This kit has absolutely everything you need to maintain your sourdough starter. The wide mouth jar comes with a perfectly matching size spatula making feeding, stirring, and cleaning, easier than ever. Use the "last fed on line" printed on the jar to match the elastic band marked with the days of the week & the time of day to never forget the last time you fed your starter again. Simply move the band sideways to indicate the time of feeding and up and down to mark you starting feeding level.


Sourdough Starter Jar Kit includes:

  • Tall 2 pint wide mouth jar
  • Date marked feeding level band
  • Thermometer,
  • Cloth cover (unbleached) & metal Lid
  • Silicone spatula 



Dehyrated Sourdough Starter - Our dehydrated sourdough culture let's you take on your own sourdough project at home. It comes with full instructions on re-hydrating and instructions on how to keep it going . We also have a dedicated page on our site for keeping your starter going strong.



Certified Organic Stone-Milled Butler's Gold '00' Flour - (2.5 lb)

Butler's Gold is a modern wheat with high strength that performs very well in pizza dough and breads. 

Sourdough Baking Bundle

Expected to ship by end of April
  • This ultimate sourdough bundle includes everything you need to get going on your sourdough journey:

    • Bread Proofing Kit
    • Starter Jar
    • Dehydrated Sourdough Starter Culture
    • 2.5 lb Organic Stone-Milled All-Purpose Flour - Premium Blend
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