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Yecora Rojo is a standout performer for bread making; it is texturally smooth and lightweight, while exuding buttery and creamy flavors that enhance the end results of any baked item. It can be used as bread flour in any recipe


A favorite of West Coast artisan sourdough bakers, like Tartine, Yecora Rojo was developed by the International Maize & Wheat Improvement Center in Cooperation with the Mexican ministry of Agriculture in Mexico. It was first received in California in 1970.

    Certified Organic Stone-Milled Yecora Rojo Whole Wheat Flour - (2.5 lb)

      • Class: Hard Red Winter Wheat
      • Grown in: Hooper, CO by Jones Farms Organics
      • Protein: 12%
      • Flavor profile:  Buttery, creamy and malty
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